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Our Story

We pride ourselves in offering efficient customer service in our One Stop Shop environment, every single day of the year. We have been adjudged the supermarket that keeps the largest variety under one roof. We don’t just sell we offer solutions to our clients’ challenges. We will deliver for as long as it is available anywhere in the world!

We don’t just sell, we offer solutions to our clients challenges

Vanguard Pharmacy Limited was opened with the goal of providing the general public with quality products and services at very affordable prices. We commenced operations precisely in 2006, with just the Pharmacy section at 17A Abegbe Shopping Complex, at Iyana-Church, Ibadan and moved to the Corporate Head Office, Vanguard Pharmacy Building, Km 10, along Monatan-Iwo Road in 2011. We have succeeded in giving a broader definition to the word Pharmacy by taking the Human Being as holistic and as a result expanded to including the Supermarket, Veterinary and Books sections.

The Founding fathers never intended to make it a One Branch Pharmacy and as such on the 19th of July 2015, we officially opened the second branch of Vanguard Pharmacy Limited at the Ventura Mall, along Samonda-Sango road.

We will keep you posted as more outlets come on board. Please Watch Out…..

Our Vision

To transform Pharmacy practice through efficient and innovative delivery of quality products and services that benefits the general public.

To offer outstanding Pharmacy in terms of quality, affordability, availability and innovation.


Excellence: We believe that what is done must be done well, we are always ready to humble ourselves to learn new things that will improve us as a brand and people.

Customer Service: This is not just a lip service; we are always willing to go the extra mile for customers.

Innovation: We are always willing to improve on our processes for as long as it will make us better.

Simplicity: We try to keep it simple all the time.

Sustainability: We try to ensure everything we do is sustainable.

We're changing the face of community pharmacy practice

We will deliver for as long as it is available ANYWHERE in the world

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